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Hey there! My name is Scott Jack; welcome to my website. I’m a freelance writer with experience crafting blog content, support documentation, emails, and business social media posts.

My goal is always to express ideas in a clear, concise way so that even people unfamiliar with a subject feel educated, not intimidated. I’m curious and love to research; when a questions gets asked, I have to find the answer. When I write for you, your audience will feel like a real person is talking to them. That’s what builds trust, fosters relationships, and drives sales.

I'm accepting new clients! If you're ready for stellar communication, reach out to me by email.

I’m a reader, a rusty piano player, and hobbyist photographer. I roast green coffee at home and make espresso drinks daily. I love the earthy taste of matcha, the botanicals in gin, and a good margarita. I enjoy cooking for friends and family - everything from thai red curry to fettuccine alfredo to pozole. I’ve been called a car guy a few times, to my own amazement. But I was excited to clean up my engine), so maybe?

After 20 years in the American Southwest, I now live in North Carolina. I seriously miss the desert. 🏜️

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