Scott Jack

🚙 Super Cleaned the Engine on my 2012 CR-V

I bought my CR-V at 109,000 miles. I’m at about 150,000 now. At some point, the shop I go to for oil changes spilled oil on the engine and didn’t bother wiping it up.

I was tired of the engine looking so sad, so I decided to clean it up myself. First I changed the coolant (easy job). Then I went to town using ChrisFix’s How to Super Clean Your Engine Bay as a guide. It took me 3 to 4 hours. Here’s the before and after.

My 2012 Honda CR-V engine, BEFORE

My 2012 Honda CR-V engine, AFTER

I’d love to provide this service to people looking to make their engine look and run great, plus people selling used cars or who have just bought one.

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