Scott Jack

Konmari your life

In my process of trying to apply KonMari and dispose of unnecessary things, I continue to struggle with the bad habit of thinking about what I'll buy next. I have thoughts like:

Man, an iPad Pro would be awesome for viewing PDFs and creating sketchnotes. Would I get the 10.5 or the 12.9? I like the size of the 10.5 better but I like the full-size apps on 12.9. Apple Pencil's a given, but what about the Smart Keyboard? Should I get cellular or go wifi-only? What storage tier should I get?

I think I want to get back into photography, and it'd be nice to have a new camera before I go to my friend's wedding, or before friends come to visit. I already have one picked out: the Fujifilm XT-2 with Fujinon XF 35mm f/2 lens.

It's almost time to replace my navy suit, and I think I also want to simplify my wardrobe. What would be the best choice for dress shirts, suits, daily pants?

This wastes a ton of mental energy - and time - that could be used for much more useful ends. I don't need any of these things right now, nor have I paid off all my debts or set aside funds so that I can make large purchases without credit or dipping into savings.

Things like this make it increasingly obvious that I must have a clear vision of the life I want, and that I must learn to be content with necessities.


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