Scott Jack

🍽️ Taqueria Las Delicias in Goldsboro, NC

When I moved to Goldsboro, I clung even tighter to the food culture I grew up with out west. I started seeking out a good Mexican place and came across Taqueria Las Delicias (Google Maps link).

When I walked in, it was like being back in El Paso. Simple tables and chairs, reds and greens on the walls, and TVs playing soccer or Spanish music videos. It was super comforting. We got tacos that time and they were great, as was the salsa bar.

On my most recent visit, I decided to get menudo para llevar instead. The man who took my order even offered to put patita in. The menudo was delicious with a bright red broth, well cooked and quality tripe, and was not spicy on its own. The (I assume) habanero salsa gave it a perfect amount of heat. The dish came with corn tortillas instead of a bolillo, which surprised me until I remembered that the family who runs the restaurant come from central Mexico. Will definitely be back.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Bowl of menudo with honeycomb tripe, cilantro, and habanero salsa with a Coke on the side


- 1 toast