Scott Jack

The Meteoric Rise of Oat Milk

Via Reddit: Vegan milk now has more than 16% market share in the US, with Oat Milk growing 50% YoY

The variety and quality of non-dairy milk options have come a long way. I have family and friends that all prefer oat milk, so I started looking for one I could keep on hand for lattes. Initially, it was challenging to find one that steamed well. The ones recommended online often weren't available in my local grocery stores.

Within the last few months, I tried Chobani Extra Creamy Oat Milk and found that it is a stellar option for steaming and frothing. Everyone that has tried it loves it.

Well, except for me. It turns out I can't drink oat milk! It immediately sends my stomach into a tumult. A recently allergen test identified sensitivities to basically every major alt-milk. My body is determined to keep me on the dairy train.

One last thing: while there is some belief that plant milks are too expensive, it seems to be more true that dairy milks are actually too cheap (and despite significant government subsidies, dairy producers are struggling to remain profitable).

Price Comparison

Product Volume Price
Chobani Extra Creamy Oat Milk 52 fl oz $3.98
Great Value Organic Whole Milk 64 fl oz $3.98

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